How to use

3 Easy Steps


After ordering, you will receive an email with your files


Unzip your order

Drag & Drop

Drag & drop animation into editing software



Windows users must download VLC or QuickTime to preview (.mov) files.



Certain versions of MacOS cannot preview (.mov) files. VLC player is a great free alternative or Drag & drop the downloaded animation into your editing software to preview.



My download link expired, how can I get a new one?

You can contact us on email and we will send you a new link.

Does it work on mobile devices?

Yes, all you need is an editing app on your device that supports Chroma Keying. Which is a feature that removes the background of a video.

Can I use my animations while streaming?

Yes, using your favorite streaming software, such as OBS, you can create a media source and simply select your .mov file

What file format will I receive?

We will send you both an .mp4 and an .mov. So you can use it on your mobile device and your desktop!

How to get rid of the green/red background?

When using the .mp4, it will have a green/red background. Using your editing software, you need to “Chroma Key” the background, which will get rid of the background color. Please note: if you’re using Premiere Pro, VEGAS, Final Cut Pro or iMovie we recommend using the .mov file, otherwise use the .mp4 file.